Sunday, September 6, 2009

My other collection

I have another side of my collection autographs I started a few years ago because Rose items just don't pop up everyday I wanted and needed a new chase. I have started collecting baseball HOFers but even that is a finite collection when you are not Bill Gates. So I combined my 2 collections into a Rose compilation I chose to get all autographs of pitchers that he got memorable hits off of and all pitchers he got hits off of during the hitting streak. Seemed pretty straight forward none were high dollar pitchers but there are a few very difficult ones that don't sign much weren't in the majors long or have passed on.

For the memorable hits Charlie Williams (2,000th hit) just doesn't sign much and never did my TTM (through the mail) request never returned took along time before one popped up for sale that was authenticated. Also Reggie Patterson (4,191) also never seems to sign and also my TTM went unanswered think he doesn't like the highlight of his career as giving up the tying hit. And of course Eric Show (4,192) has passed on and didn't sign that much during his playing days.

For the streak I was very successful with TTM for almost all of them but Pete Vuckovich not a big signer and Mark Lemongello not a signer at all google him and you'll understand hard to sign when in jail. But he is out and trying to track him down found a friend of his current girlfriend that got me some signed for a small fee.

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