Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Variation

Got wind of a new variation I didn't know of in the 1968 Atlantic Oil set evidently there is total of 4 combinations of fronts to backs.  They come with 2 different backs  - game rules and play ball which most of us know but also on the front the name comes in either solid black font or a half tone gray font.  Also the grey tone ones seem to have a sharper picture and deeper blue border.  Pretty obvious when you see them but never noticed before today.  Neither seem any scarcer than the other so no great premium just another couple cards to chase down.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

End of the year numbers

Well ever other site seems to like to run the end of the year in review so ran some reports on the pricing I collect and here are the top 5 highest Pete Rose sales of cards they are some big numbers

Top 20 Sales of 2012 - total $225,032 total sales tracked for year 11,1519 totaling $903,929

1 PSA 10 Rookie $157,366  will be very hard to surpase this sale
2 PSA 9 Rookie  $9,000
3 PSA 10 1970 Topps $5,676
4 PSA 9 1964 Topps Rookie Awards Banquet Card $5,000
5 BGS 9 Rookie Card $4,250
6 PSA 8.5 Rookie $4,090
7 PSA 8 Rookie $3,824
8 PSA 8.5 Rookie $3,701
9 BGS 9 Rookie $3,570 Same one that sold at #5 spot in Feb resold for loss in Dec
10 PSA 10 1975 Topps $3,313
11 PSA 9 1965 Kahn's $3,118
12 BGS 8.5 Rookie $2,950
13 PSA 8 Rookie $2,625
14 PSA 10 1975 Topps $2,605
15 PSA 8 1964 Topps Rookie Awards Banquet Card $2,580
16 SGC 9 1971 Topps $2,379
17 PSA 10 1975 Topps $2,325
18 PSA 8 Rookie $2,265
19 PSA 8 Rookie $2,200
20 PSA 9 1966 Topps $2,195

I think this shows the state of cards is still very solid especially in high grades.  For a more detail look including images is available to plus members includes a full range of pricing and grades.

Monday, December 17, 2012

New Stuff 12/17

A few new items for you to add to your holiday list.

New Stuff 12/17

Also another new release from leaf memories has a few Rose cards in it check it out.

Rose news

Wanted to pass on some Pete Rose news encase you have missed it.  He will have a TLC reality series, "Pete Rose: Hits & Mrs.", with his girlfriend that premiers Jan 14 at 10 pm set the dvr.  There are 6 episodes planned should be interesting to see how it plays out and portrays him and her.

More info on show.

He also has planned for next year "4192 - An Evening with Pete Rose Live" tour through 25 cities only have date for Cincinnati show on opening day Apr 1.  He did a limited number of these last year and if you have never seen Pete live tell baseball stories I would recommend it he has a great time telling stories and baseball lore.

More info on live tour.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

More Counterfeits

Well since the 72 Topps Venezuelans have been proven counterfeit I thought I'd look at some other Rose counterfeits that have been going around the hobby.  This biggest one around that have gotten some of us is the 60's photocards. 

These are all fakes/reproductions/counterfeits what ever your term -

They are produced on a high gloss photo paper while the originals were also on gloss paper they were on slightly thicker stock for one.  But the real tell is the borders around the picture and below the Cincinnati Reds on the original there are much wider borders and almost a 1/2 border below the Cincinnati Reds.  If your real eagle eyed there is also photo cropping differences easiest to see in the 64/65 notice the right foot in regard to the edge of the picture the fake there it is almost touching the border the real deal there is a lot of space.

Again these 3 poses have been going around the hobby and really hurt the value when the real deal show up which the real deals are very rare to start with and to get these in a lot together or a lot of 3 or more the same is pretty hard to imagine.

Here are the real deals notice wide border top and bottom-

Friday, November 30, 2012

1972 Topps Venezuelan

I noticed something particular about these cards and decided to ask the experts and started a topic over on PSA website and got back an interesting answer.

As you can see below there are 2 varieties of the cards what I call old stock and then new stock.  There is only 2 ways this could have happened either 2 printing happened or 1 is counterfeit. 

I present it to you make your own judgment I'm leaning more to 2 printing than full out counterfeit but there are some puzzling issues the most glaring that really bothers me is the old stock ones just looks old; the white has faded and borders are slightly thicker.  But that can be explained by paper stock was just better for a second printing.  Well it appears now that the opinion is full out counterfeit so again judge for yourself but I will be staying away of the newer stock for now.

Here is the PSA forum for full read if you have anything to add please post here or there and maybe we can get a better understanding.  Until then we might all have to get 2 copies of probably the rarest card of the 70's.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Stuff 11/15

Happy early Thanksgiving here's some new items

New Stuff 11/15

Also been some new releases and upcoming ones that Rose will be in

2012 Panini Prime Cuts
2012 Panini Signature Series
2012 Leaf Metal Draft
2012 Leaf Valiant
2012 Leaf Wrestling
2012 UD All Time Greats Sports

Those already released are on the website

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Double Dose of New Stuff

Seems I forgot last month post so double post for this month.

New Stuff 09/19

New Stuff 10/20

Monday, August 20, 2012

New Stuff 08/20

More additions to the ever growing site.

New Stuff 08/20

Thursday, August 16, 2012

2012 UD Goodwin Champions

UD just released this set and so far there are 13 Rose cards really 1 card and 12 parallels in it can't say I'm a fan of the artwork but here you go.

2012 UD Goodwin

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Web Site update

The site is being moved to a faster server so until DNS changes happen you might get 404 error access the web site.  Going to will get you back in business until the change finishes hopefully by late tonight.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Top 5 Sales

Was about right on last month tracked 1,106 items totaling $62,075

Top 5 Most Expensive Items all Rookies cards
$3,701 PSA 8.5 a bargain $296 dollars less than average was #2 on that list
$1,903 PSA 8
$1,559 PSA 8
$1,525 PSA 8
$1,425 SGC 8

Biggest Overspending based on average also a Rookie
$787 BGS 6.5 $470 over average selling price

Best Deal also a Rookie they were very popular last month
$1,149 SGC 8 $553 under average selling price

Modern items were also right on compared to June
259 total value $9,737

$727 2004 Danbury Mint 1975 Team Lineup Statue $376 over average also #1 on that list
$390 2011 Panini Playoff Prime Cuts Quad Signatures 3/5
$200 2011 Leaf Legendary Bat 1/5
$170 2008 Donruss Prime Cuts Colossal Expos Signature 19/25
$158 2011 Leaf Legacy Rose-isms QA-17 1/1

If you want to see more pricing data please signup

Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Additions

I've finally put the last few touches on the database and opened it up for registered users.  Feel free to check it out under Price Guide menu to sign up.  I don't know how many lines of code I've done this year but it was a lot but I'm always ready to add new features or change things for the better just let me know.

Here is direct link to sign up.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

June May Modern Data

Here's June data for modern items post 2006 cards only

Total cards tracked / sold 204
Total Purchased Price $9,558

Highest card bought - $900 2011 Panini Playoff Prime Cuts Barrell Up 1/1
2nd - $300 UD SP Legendary Cuts Quad Signatures CMRS2 2/2
3rd - $250 Leaf Rose-isms QA-1 3/5
4th - $154 2011 Panini Playoff Prime Cuts Signatures Trio 1 3/5
5th - $150 2008 Panini Playoff Contenders Rookie Black Signature 23/25

Total cards tracked / sold 319
Total Purchased Price $15,969

Highest card bought - $1000 2011 Leaf Legends of Sport Dual Signature Ichiro/Rose 1/5
2nd - $290 2011 Panini Playoff Prime Cuts Signatures Quad 3 1/5
3rd - $272 2012 Sportkings Spectacular Patch SP-152 1/1
4th - $238 2008 Donruss Playoff Prime Cuts - Parallel Colossal Phillies Location Signature 10 1/1
5th - $203 2011 Panini Playoff Prime Cuts Legends Jumbo Cut Signatures Nickname 24 8/10

June May Past Sales Data

Going to start a new little trend.  I've been capturing past sales data for awhile now and have integrated it into the database in an useful manner.  I capture pretty much every sale except raw cards, rare cards or seldom graded cards are the exception; condition is just too subjective to track raw cards correctly pre 1989.

Stats for June
Total cards tracked / sold - 1013
Total purchase price - $61,812
Highest card bought - $2,605 1975 PSA 10 #320 still a bargain previous PSA 10 was $1,564 more
2nd - $1,800 1963 Topps PSA 8
3rd - $1,800 1963 Topps PSA 8
4th - $1,600 1963 Topps BVG 8.5
5th - $1,500 1963 Topps PSA 8

Biggest Bargain (subjective but is biggest drop in price from average selling price) - 
$1,000 - 1965 Kahn's PSA 9 $1,833 cheaper than average selling price

Biggest Overspending (subjective but is biggest overage in price from average selling price) - 
$1,000 - 1963 Topps BGS 7 $328 over average selling price

Stats for May
Total cards tracked / sold - 1074
Total purchase price - $252,106
Highest card bought - $157,366 1963 PSA 10 #537 **WOW**
2nd - $9,000 1963 Topps PSA 9
3rd - $5,000 1964 Topps Rookie Awards Card PSA 9
4th - $4,090 1963 Topps PSA 8.5
5th - $3,313 1975 Topps #320 PSA 10

Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Stuff 6/30

Some new stuff added in past month also added a ticket category can find with search page and choose type tickets or direct link here.

New Stuff 06/30

Monday, June 25, 2012

Beta Testers

I've been busy working on the background of the website making it better and more universal.  I've added quite a few tricks that only I've been privy to but would like some brave volunteers to test out some new features and let me know what they like and don't like. 

The features I've added in the background is inventory module to track your purchases, pricing module to track past sales, eBay module to generate descriptions quickly, plus a few more items.  I've tested them for almost a year and they seem to work great for me but need outside eyes to let me know what I don't know.

So if interested shoot me an email and I'll send you details.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Minor League Items

I would like to ask for some help tracking down minor league items either tickets or scorecard/programs from 60-62 would like some scans of the items.  In particular I am also looking to date a Macon Peaches ticket I own so if somebody has a 62 ticket or program that list the admission price in 62 I would very much like to see that.  Best I can figure on the above ticket between 60-68 based on the printers union mark on back and the globe ticket co on the front.  Plus GA tax was 3% all during the 60's, and yes that was a strange call I made to the GA tax office :)  So if anyone can prove or disprove the ticket date I would appreciate it.

Here another picture of 62 Rose -

Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Stuff 05/26

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Memorial Day thanks to all the troops for making this country safe and free.

Here some new stuff mainly unlicensed stuff but some others thrown in there to make it worth it.

New Stuff 05/26

Also looks like Leaf will have a new 100% Rose product in Aug plus it will be retail and hobby release so can pick it up at walmart and target.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Stuff 05/06

Tracked down a few new goodies.

Also Panini released Limited brand but no checklist as of now but there are a few Rose cards in it.

New Stuff 0506

Panini Limited 2011

Saturday, May 5, 2012

1979 Penn Emblem Variation

Came across a new variation for the die hards in the fugly set Penn Emblems.  There is already a black (uber rare is there more than 1 anyone have one?), blue (pretty rare), and red (common) border now there is a variation in the red border one.  See attached photo can clearly see no hair under the hat in front, collar doesn't touch the bottom, and slightly rounder face.  The variation does seem slightly scarcer then the common red but eBay provides a pretty small sampling size. Good hunting.

Friday, April 20, 2012

2011 Panini Prime Cuts

Even though it's 2012 Panini released on Wednesday 2011 Prime Cuts.  Contains 37 new Rose cards can view ones I've tracked down here.

2011 Prime Cuts

Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Stuff 04/05

Couple cool new stuff added

New Stuff 04/05

Friday, March 16, 2012

New Stuff 3/15

Been awhile so here some new stuff.  New cards from Leaf and Panini are out also.

New Stuff 3/15

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