Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How I find all this stuff

I wanted to let everyone know what I go through to find all these scans and Pete Rose items. Currently there are 3,028 items displayed on the site I have 14 new items to add this weekend.

I started the site not to catalog everything but to catalog my personal collection so I wouldn't buy duplicate items and it is easier to browse through a website then dig through 7 Rubbermaid tubs of items although I do enjoy doing that also :>.

Then I started chatting with Chuck Lumb after the Reds HOF Pete exhibit and it grew in scoop when he sent some scans of rare 60s items I then started to catalog what I could.

But to find the items I don't have the scans come in from collectors - Chuck Lumb has an amazing collection and is also the author of The Almost Complete Pete Rose Checklist which came out in 1996 and will hopefully soon be updated. Another collector Gabriel Rivera also has provided some great scans of rare items. I myself have a pretty good size Rose collection that most of the normal items come from I also really like the oddball items and concentrate more on them as I have all the mainstream items except the rare 60s stuff and Topps test issues.

The other majority of scans come in from the web eBay being the biggest. But I also scan google images, bing images, flicker, photobucket, and worthpoint for some of the others. I also check out the card shops in my area (which is Cincinnati) and most have a good Rose selection Steve Wolter at Sports Investment has a great museum/shop of Rose items highly recommend it if you're in the area he has 4192 bat and ball and the corvette Marge gave to Rose hard to beat that collection. I also check out the flea markets and antique malls for other items. I then clean them up as best possible, crop them and figure out what they are and post them.

Here are some other pictures of my collection and yes there are some non Rose items in there but not many.


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