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A couple new items more Canadian and foreign English magazines.

New Stuff 06/20/21

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Hiding in plain sight

 Thought I'd show something I never knew before that was in front of my face for years.  US magazines sold in Canada or other countries while they are generally identical a few have some minor differences.  Most of them also have different ads inside but the same stories.

Time magazine - They have always had US/Canada Edition / International Asia Pacific Edition / International South American Edition.  The International editions are fairly easy to tell the have text at the bottom and most have different wording of the cover story or even totally different stories more important to that location in the world.  But the US/Canada are generally the same except the price is different and the ads are different which makes them very hard to track down.  The 83 International Edition does not have Rose on cover FYI so one less to track down.

Link to all Time Magazines

1985 Editions

US Edition 

Canadian Edition Price $2.25 vs $1.95 different ads inside

International Pacific Edition 

International South America Edition 

Life magazine - Also has a Canadian Version with just cover price differences for them plus ads change.  Plus there is an international version that has no price listed and the 89 has Autumn vs Fall for the date

Link to all Life Magazines

US Edition

Canadian Edition

International Edition

Inside Sports - Just cover price differences $2.50 in Canada vs $2.00 in US plus ads change.

Link to Inside Sports Magazines

US Edition

Canadian Edition

Newsweek - They also have an international edition similar to Time but their Canadian edition just have cover price differences for them plus ads change.  Still looking for 1972 from Canada and 1999 International is verified to not have Rose on it.

Link to all Newsweek Magazines

They are all pretty rare to track down but with eBay that is not as hard as it used to be.  Just an interesting new side shoot for those that like the hunt for the needle in the haystack and thought they had everything.

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