Monday, January 21, 2013

1969 / 1970 Transograms

Wanted to point out the differences between these as was going through PSA/SGC inventory scans and noticed even the grading companies mess it up.  One of the highest graded PSA 9 69 is actually a 70 and the highest graded SGC 96 1970 is a 1969.

The above picture highlights the differences for reference.  The easiest tell is the 69 has a print defect above the cap on the right now this might have been corrected within the print run so the other big tell is if the right border is intact the 69 has L borders on the corner the 70 T as it was part of bigger panel.  Harder differences is the picture is generally darker in 69 can really tell when side by side.  And if realy eagle eyed there is about 2-3 pixel shift right to left between the years if you notice the pinstripe and its distance to the border.

As always good hunting.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Stuff 1/12

Just a few new items but most pretty tough

New Stuff 1/12/13