Saturday, December 19, 2009

1983-85 83 Wichita Eagle-Beacon Bubblegumless Cards

I love the uncatalogued sets I do pass on my info to Bob Lemke and others at SCD to get them cataloged at some future date.  This set is one I'm still trying to gather all the dates and people issued.  It was issued in the Wichita area newspaper and included 3 players to a strip but included football, hockey, basketball and even college and high school players and seems to have focused on what ever sport was popular at the time frame.  The 1985 issue was made up of old timers and past heroes.

The 1983 Rose was issued Oct 17th along with 2 college football players.  The 1984 was issued Apr 16th along with a soccer player and minor league baseball player.  Easiest way to tell the difference is the age 42 in 1983 and 43 in 1984 the 84 is pictured I don't have a 83 to show.  Both are rather hard to find outside of Wichita as the paper was not exactly the New York Times and widely distributed.

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