Sunday, December 13, 2009

Printing Variations

Wanted to show some minor variations I generally don't list printing "errors" as variations unless actually released in semi large numbers the 1982 blackless is a good example even though estimated at around 100 they are a consistent printing error simply missing black ink.  Blank back cards are abundant and I look at them as oddities but don't collect them pretty much every card in existence could have a blank back although the late 80's Topps seem to be very common. 

This variation just caught my attention from a long ago post on collectors universe 1986 Topps White Cardboard curious if anyone has a good number guess or an actual Rose example #1 and #6 were both on sheet C the effected one missing red dye to the back or actually on a different stock. 

The 1988 pictured is an interesting one the one on the left is lighter in print and missing black border on upper left still a minor printing error in my eyes if it ever gets listed in SCD price guide I might change my mind.

Anyone got any other interesting print errors?

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