Saturday, December 5, 2009

1963 Cincinnati Enquirer Scrapbook

I wanted to correct a lot of the errors in the checklist of this set and other newspaper sets so I ventured to the library and the microfilm and recataloged the set and also listed them by the day they were issued.  For those unfamiliar with the set from 1958-1967 the Cincinnati Enquirer and Kentucky Enquirer (for those across the river) printed 1 reds player with a brief history of that player in sports section up until opening day.  This makes them rather rare to find as any newspaper from that era is rare to find but as these were supposed to be saved I've seen them more in complete or semi complete sets for sale rather than the singles.  Pete just made the cut for the rookie issue and also just made the cut for the team as he is the last in this set.  Below is the complete checklist with dates issued.

9-Mar  Fred Hutchinson MGR
10-Mar  Bill Henry
11-Mar  Frank Robinson
12-Mar  Bob Purkey
 Joey Jay
14-Mar  Eddie Kasko
15-Mar  Leo Cardenas
16-Mar  Don Blasingame
 John Edwards
18-Mar  Harry Bright
19-Mar  John Klippstein
20-Mar  Wally Post
 Ken Hunt
22-Mar  Sam Ellis
23-Mar  Joe Nuxall
24-Mar  Jim Maloney
25-Mar  Jesse Gonder
26-Mar  Marty Keough
27-Mar  Jim Owens
 Al Worthington
29-Mar  Hank Foiles
30-Mar  Dave Sisler
31-Mar  Tom Harper
1-Apr  John Tsitouris
2-Apr  Jerry Lynch
3-Apr  Don Pavletich
4-Apr  Gordy Coleman
5-Apr  Jim O'Toole
6-Apr  Jim Brosnan
7-Apr  Ken Walters
8-Apr  Vada Pinson
9-Apr  Gene Freese
10-Apr  Pete Rose

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