Sunday, December 2, 2012

More Counterfeits

Well since the 72 Topps Venezuelans have been proven counterfeit I thought I'd look at some other Rose counterfeits that have been going around the hobby.  This biggest one around that have gotten some of us is the 60's photocards. 

These are all fakes/reproductions/counterfeits what ever your term -

They are produced on a high gloss photo paper while the originals were also on gloss paper they were on slightly thicker stock for one.  But the real tell is the borders around the picture and below the Cincinnati Reds on the original there are much wider borders and almost a 1/2 border below the Cincinnati Reds.  If your real eagle eyed there is also photo cropping differences easiest to see in the 64/65 notice the right foot in regard to the edge of the picture the fake there it is almost touching the border the real deal there is a lot of space.

Again these 3 poses have been going around the hobby and really hurt the value when the real deal show up which the real deals are very rare to start with and to get these in a lot together or a lot of 3 or more the same is pretty hard to imagine.

Here are the real deals notice wide border top and bottom-

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