Thursday, June 14, 2012

Minor League Items

I would like to ask for some help tracking down minor league items either tickets or scorecard/programs from 60-62 would like some scans of the items.  In particular I am also looking to date a Macon Peaches ticket I own so if somebody has a 62 ticket or program that list the admission price in 62 I would very much like to see that.  Best I can figure on the above ticket between 60-68 based on the printers union mark on back and the globe ticket co on the front.  Plus GA tax was 3% all during the 60's, and yes that was a strange call I made to the GA tax office :)  So if anyone can prove or disprove the ticket date I would appreciate it.

Here another picture of 62 Rose -

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  1. Just a quick update narrowed range down to 1961-1967 based on admission price thanks to GA Sports Hall of Fame in Macon but can't definitively proof an exact date. They might have never had dates on tickets couldn't come up with a proven 1962 ticket so the search goes on.