Friday, November 30, 2012

1972 Topps Venezuelan

I noticed something particular about these cards and decided to ask the experts and started a topic over on PSA website and got back an interesting answer.

As you can see below there are 2 varieties of the cards what I call old stock and then new stock.  There is only 2 ways this could have happened either 2 printing happened or 1 is counterfeit. 

I present it to you make your own judgment I'm leaning more to 2 printing than full out counterfeit but there are some puzzling issues the most glaring that really bothers me is the old stock ones just looks old; the white has faded and borders are slightly thicker.  But that can be explained by paper stock was just better for a second printing.  Well it appears now that the opinion is full out counterfeit so again judge for yourself but I will be staying away of the newer stock for now.

Here is the PSA forum for full read if you have anything to add please post here or there and maybe we can get a better understanding.  Until then we might all have to get 2 copies of probably the rarest card of the 70's.

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