Tuesday, June 15, 2010

66/67 Bazookas

Can you tell the difference in the 2 Roses?

the one on the top is a 1966 the other 1967 it was always told in the checklist they are identical just the panels had different players on them (the slight color difference is just in how they scanned FYI).  But taking a closer look at the bottom picture cropping the 67 has about 2 or 3 pixel columns missing.  The letter above his bat on the sign is a B or E is clear in the 66 but just the left side of it is visible in the 67.

This cropping does appear on the others players on the Rose panel between 66 and 67 and my guess the entire set but haven't verified that as these are tough to find in any year as a panel or even the box.  Doubt PSA will relabel any of them as without both to compare you'd never know.

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