Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dayton Daily News

Traveled up the way to Dayton to check out their newspaper archives and wanted to catalog and verify the 1970 set.  Which I did then Chuck asked me what about the 1971 issue never heard of it well I went back today and there it was another variation.  There are technically 3 variations the first one has field as the last line and was from the ad introducing the set on 4/5/1970 it could be cut out and saved.  Then his regular card was double printed once 4/6/1970 then again after the all star game on 7/15/1970.  Then again on 3/30/1971 they issued a bubblegumless card update which has new picture new bio and other stats.  Funny thing is Rose was printed 4 times and should be easier to get but they are all rather scarce and don't pop up too often.

Here is 1a - last line field.

Here is regular 1b - last line right field.

And Finally 1c - 1971 version weight 190 vs 194 (1970) 

Sorry for the poor scans but they are from microfilm if anyone has real deal please send them over.

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