Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1969 MLB Photostamp

There has always been some confusion on this set and 1970 set as far as back variations.  I think I have figured it out properly and should be reflected in the big book in the future.  The 1969 set was issued twice early in 69 they released them as booklet of 48 stamps if you take the booklet apart you get 2 sheets together of 8 stamps.  Then they reissued them in the familiar sheets of 12.  The difference between the 2 is easy to tell the early ones were on a white stock and has a solid line on the back the later issue is on a duller off white stock and has a dotted line on the back.  The 1970 set was just a continuation of the 2nd 69 set issued in sheets of 12 again Rose however is not in the 70 set although most likely the original 69 set was still for sale in 70.  Var 1 is the second printing and far easier to get then Var 2 the first printing (I know var numbers should be reversed but I wasn't the first person to start with that numbering system) I'm still looking for a complete booklet or sheet of var 2 if anyone can provide a scan.

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