Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Since now is the time to reflect on the past and look toward the future I'll reflect on my past for a moment.  I helped SCD compile a lot of checklists for the "bible" way back in 1987 all with photocopying and hand written checklists you can see my name in the acknowledgment section in I believe in every edition.  That is something I still do today pass along information to Bob Lemke in the never ending quest to checklist everything :>.  It is something I take up more of in my other blog

Many may not know I was first published by Baseball Cards magazine way back in 1990 Jan issue with my what at the time I thought a complete Pete Rose checklist.  Before the internet and Google era I think it was OK for a 19 year old it had about 600 items listed.  All originally typed out no spreadsheet or computer sorting.  Pretty laughable by today's checklist I keep 4,358 items of which most are pictured on the site

As for the future I hope to continue on in both aspects checklisting everything and growing the sites with more scans.  I am constantly amazed I can still find things I've never seen before or even heard of before and even more so when I know that something should exist but has never been seen to come across it in person.  The hunt for cards is a deep deep sickness, I believe, but it seems to occupy my time in semi productive manner than some other vises out there.

So I hope everyone met their collecting goals for 2010 and has new ones for 2011.

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