Monday, November 16, 2009

The Rare Stuff

Just wanted to go over the rare stuff it is wildly used in auction titles as rare but is rarely the case.  The rarest Rose items are by far the Topps test issues of the 60s the 67 punch out and 68 disc is easily a mid 4 figure items if and when it ever comes up for auction.  But beside test issues which by their nature are not printed in quantity the 60s regionals are hard to come by the 63-65 burger beer print (I think more because it is not easily identifiable  as such most think its a Jay publishing photo) and the 60s MacGregor's never pop up all that often. 

The 70s are pretty plentiful a few I've never seen are the 1970 ihop reds placemat have seen most other teams.  And for some reason have yet to see a 1976 Kellogg's box in over a year of looking they don't come up for sale everyday but seems every other year one will pop up every 3-4 months.

The 80s has some true rarities.  The 81 / 82 MSA FBI disc is very scarce the 81 I've never seen.  The 81 MSA promo disc is another that doesn't seem to ever surface.  Another one is the 79 Phillies postcard this the white stripe at the bottom couldn't tell you how it was issued but the Rose never comes around and have never seen another player pop up either.  Also looking for 1984 Expos postcard with the bilingual trademark line on back starting to believe it is not real but I'm sure it is just in the rare category.  The last item from 80's which I'd think would be plentiful but isn't is the Meadow Gold milk products the were issued during a boom in card collecting so they should pop up but anything beside the pint milk carton is not seen.

Got any others send them in.

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