Saturday, October 3, 2009


If you haven't heard a few years ago the statisticians of the baseball world re added up Ty Cobb's numbers and it seems a game got counted twice in 1910 where he went 2 for 3 so his real hit total is 4,189.  Baseball has refused to change the numbers officially (why is anyone's guess) most likely as it changes Pete's record dates yes baseball really does think of Pete :>.  So being the inquiring person I am I was curious to update the trivia question who gave up Pete's tying hit of 4189?  It happened in Chicago on 9/6/85 the unlucky pitcher was Derek Botelho a minor league pitcher for the most part but interestingly enough it was a home run not something Pete was known for this was also his last career home run as he only had 2 that year and before that had 3 in 1982 so he was due.  Hit 4,190 came 2 days later off Reggie Patterson who also gave up 4,191 the same day both singles.  And of course Eric Show on 9/11/85 gave up 4,192.

I think I'll keep with the 4192cards as it just flows better.

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